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  • World Luxury Hotel Awards 2012

World Luxury Hotel Awards 2012

May 1, 2012

Skiing&Snowboarding season will finish in a few days and beautiful cherry blossom season is coming now.
We appreciate your visiting us in this winter.

Thanks to all of you,SHIROUMA-SO has officially been nominated in the 2012 World Luxury Hotel Awards.
Receiving the nomination is a great honor for us.
With our affordable room rates we were initially unsure whether "luxury" was an appropriate term for our Ryokan.

However, nominations have been made in three specific award categories - "Luxury Historical Hotel", "Luxury Ski Resort" and "Luxury Mountain Resort" - which are characteristic of the unique and unforgettable experience that Shirouma-so offers its guests.
As such, we’ve decided to enter the awards.

Being an historical hotel, Shirouma-so boasts Japanese style architecture, traditional furnishings, and columns dating from the Edo Period’s agrarian society more than 200 years ago.
In addition, Shirouma-so is situated at the very foot of Hakuba’s world class ski and mountain resorts, with guest rooms offering wide views of the majestic North Alps. As a luxury ski resort or mountain resort Shirouma-so is second to none.

Rather than just promoting our own Ryokan, our greater hope is that by entering these awards we can showcase Hakuba, with its rich history and amazing mountain and ski resorts, to the rest of the world.
Voting for the awards commences from 18June. Please be sure to cast your vote.
SHIROUMA-SO's page is already available for viewing on the official awards page.
Feel free to click the 'like' button or share the following page if you approve of our nomination.

Thank you very much.


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