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Hotel Awards Voting

Jun 25, 2012

Thanks to you, our valued guests, SHIROUMA-SO was nominated in the 2012 World Luxury Hotel Awards. And voting has now begun.

All guests who have visited our Ryokan are eligible to vote. This includes not only our overnight guests, but also visitors who have enjoyed a meal or onsen at SHIROUMA-SO.

We remain a little hesitant about Shirouma-so being labeled a ‘luxury’ hotel. However, rather than just promote on our own ryokan, we’ve entered the awards in the spirit of showcasing Hakuba to the rest of the world. Shirouma-so has been nominated in three specific categories which focus on Hakuba’s magnificent outdoors and ski resorts, as well as the town’s rich ryokan history – ‘Luxury Historical Hotel’, ‘Luxury Ski Resort’ and ‘Luxury Mountain Resort.’

Voting closes on July 31st.

The official vote page can be accessed by following the link below. To vote, please select ‘2012 Hotel Awards’, and enter your name, e-mail and any comments.

We would greatly appreciate everyone’s help with the vote.
Thank you.

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